Dutch Aldi supermarkets deny ban on products made beyond pre-1967 lines

(JNS.org) The Netherlands branch of the German supermarket chain Aldi has disavowed comments it made in support of a ban on products made in territories acquired by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War.

Click photo to download. Caption: An Aldi supermarket on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Both the Dutch branch of Aldi and another chain, Hoogvliet, had announced on Monday that they will stop selling products made in areas situated beyond Israel's pre-1967 lines, the Dutch newspaper deVerdieping Trouw reported.

But the Dutch branch of Aldi has since said that “incorrect information” was supplied by an Aldi staffer who announced the new policy, and that “a mistake has been made,” the same paper reported, according to a translation provided by dutchnews.nl.

Aldi did admit that no products from areas beyond Israel's pre-1967 lines are currently being sold by the company, but a spokesperson said that has nothing to do with politics. "Aldi buys based only on price, quality and availability,” the spokesperson said.


Posted on July 23, 2013 .