Nearly two-dozen Al-Jazeera staffers resign over allegedly biased Egypt coverage

( Nearly two-dozen Al-Jazeera employees have resigned from the Qatar-based satellite news channel over what they are calling pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias in its coverage of the recent events in Egypt.

The Al-Jazeera logo. Credit: Al-Jazeera.

As many as 22 resigned employees were all part of Al-Jazeera’s “Mubasher Misr” (or “Egypt Live”) channel, which focuses coverage on political, social and cultural issues affecting Egypt.

According to the Dubai-based English language daily Gulf News, the employees were instructed by management to favor the Muslim Brotherhood in their coverage.

Karem Mahmoud, an anchor at Al-Jazeera, said that the lack of professionalism in the media coverage of turmoil in Egypt was the reason he resigned.

“I felt that there were errors in the way the coverage was done, especially that now in Egypt we are going through a critical phase that requires a lot of auditing in terms of what gets broadcasted,” Mahmoud told the Saudi-based Al Arabiya news. “My colleagues have also resigned for the same reason.”

Posted on July 9, 2013 .