Palestinian Authority TV quiz awards cash for identifying Israeli territory as ‘Palestine’

According to a recent Palestinian Authority TV quiz, Israel's Mount Meron (pictured) is part of "Palestine." Credit: Lior Golgher via Wikimedia Commons.

( Coinciding with the restarting of Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations in Washington, DC, Palestinian Authority TV (PA TV) offered $100 prizes in man-on-the-street interviews with Palestinians who identified Israeli territory as part of “Palestine,” Palestinian Media Watch reported.

On the July 25 program, the PA TV reporter asked a Palestinian man, “On the beach of which Palestinian village did the whale spew out the prophet Jonah? Naturally, it’s a coastal city.” The man won a $100 prize for answering “Ashdod.”

The “correct” answer on the TV program to “What is the highest mountain in Palestine?” was Mount Meron, which is located in northern Israel.

Asked by the PA TV reporter to identify which city the Palestinian writer Mustafa Dabbagh called “the city that fell from Heaven,” a Palestinian man followed up by asking the reporter whether the city was inside or outside of Palestine, and when told the city was inside Palestine, the man earned the cash prize by answering “Jaffa.”

Palestinians interviewed on the program also said “Palestine” encompassed the Druze village of Hurfeish and Hula Lake—which are both part of Israel—as well as Israel’s entire border with Jordan from the Golan Heights to Eilat.


Posted on August 4, 2013 .