Israel Police welcomes first female Druze police commander

Fattan Nasser El-din (front), Israel's first female Druze police commander, during Tuesday's ceremony at Masada. Credit: Israel Police/Hof District.

( Fattan Nasser El-din made history on Tuesday when she became the first Druze policewoman to complete the Israel Police’s officers’ training course.

El-din, 34, of Daliyat al-Karmel, was one of 101 cadets awarded the officer’s insignia during a ceremony held at Masada in southern Israel. The new commander is following in the path of her father, Amal, who served as chief superintendent of the Israeli Border Police. She joined the police force four years ago as a criminal investigator in Zichron Yaakov and is scheduled to be assigned to the Hof District, which runs along the central Israeli coast, as an officer in the investigations unit.

“This is [a source of] pride for my family and the entire Druze people, who respect my choice,” El-din said, Israel Hayom reported.

Posted on October 22, 2014 .