Palestinian Authority and Fatah glorify terrorist attack that killed 37 Israelis

( The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah marked the anniversary of a 1978 terrorist attack in which a group of terrorists led by Dalal Mughrabi hijacked an Israeli bus and killed 37 people, including 12 children. In a public event, Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf praised Mughrabi as "an extraordinary example of struggle, whose headline is bravery, heroism, sacrifice, and courage," and someone who "inspired her generation and the next generations."

Mahmoud Abbas' advisor on NGOs Sultan Abu Al-Einein honors Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabi on official Palestinian TV. Credit: YouTube Screenshot via Palestinian Media Watch.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official PA daily newspaper, reported that at the event, "Fatah promised to the masses of our heroic people that it would remain loyal to the promise of the Martyr Dalal and her companions, and to all the Martyrs, until freedom, independence and return," according to Palestinian Media Watch.

Fatah also glorified the terrorist attack on Facebook, posting that "the waves of the sea raged and disgorged 11 stars. Dalal and her friends had decided to return to their homeland as heroes."

At another event aired live on official PA television, PA President Mahmoud Abbas's advisor on NGOs Sultan Abu Al-Einein said, "The [Israelis] are deluding themselves if they think the negotiations are our only choice. Let the young people hear me: Allah, honor us with Martyrdom (Shahada). Allah, give us the honor of being part of the procession of Martyrs."

Posted on March 19, 2014 .