Arab League vows to never recognize Israel as a Jewish state

The Arab League emblem. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( At a two-day Arab League summit in Kuwait, Arab leaders vowed to never recognize Israel as a Jewish state—a key Israeli demand for a peace agreement—while also squarely blaming Israel for the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations.

The Arab League’s focus on the Jewish state issue comes amid a number of Middle East crises, including the bloody Syrian civil war and growing regional instability fueled by Islamic extremism, poverty, and environmental problems.

“We hold Israel entirely responsible for the lack of progress in the peace process and continuing tension in the Middle East,” the Arab League communiqué said, the Associated Press reported. “We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”

The Arab leaders added that Israel’s policies of “the continuation of settlements, Judaization of Jerusalem, attacks on its Muslim and Christian shrines, and changing its demographics and geography” are to blame for the inability to achieve peace.

Posted on March 26, 2014 .