Arab youths stone Israeli man’s car in Jerusalem

Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood, where Arab youths stoned an Israeli man's car on Tuesday. Credit: Rotem Danzig via Wikimedia Commons.

( Arab youths on Tuesday threw rocks at an Israeli man driving through the French Hill neighborhood in northeastern Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported. The driver was unharmed, but the rear windshield of his car was smashed.

The incident took place around noon when Raphael Delarosa, a resident of the Givat Hamivtar neighborhood, was running errands at the French Hill shopping center.

“I had finished my errands and got in my car. I started driving and all of a sudden the car was surrounded by about four or five teenagers, maybe 16 or 17 years old, who started throwing rocks at the car,” he said. “I didn’t panic, and instead of trying to escape, I got out of the car and told the people who were watching, ‘You are the ones losing from all of this.’”

Delarosa, 64, said he later called the Arab owner of the shop outside which the incident took place, and said the man arrived at the scene and apologized to him.

“I caused a crowd to gather and I told everyone what happened. The store owners told me that they were helpless against the situation and that they didn’t know what to do,” Delarosa said.

Posted on April 2, 2014 .