France withholds funds slated for Israeli association beyond Green Line

A street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Glio. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( French parliamentarian Meyer Habib was recently informed that a financial grant he initiated for an Israeli association has been withheld because the organization sits just beyond the Green Line, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, Israel Hayom reported.

In December 2013, Habib—who was selected about a year ago to represent French citizens living in Middle Eastern countries—received the French government’s permission to grant $4,100 to the Daat Menachem association, which provides assistance to French-Israeli students studying in Jerusalem. French parliamentarians may offer financial contributions as part of their authority.

Habib said the decision to withhold the funds unfairly distinguished among Jerusalem residents.

“The decision is shocking, unfair, and works to ostracize residents of Jerusalem and Gilo in particular,” Habib wrote in a letter to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. “Everybody knows that no matter what agreement is reached [with the Palestinians], the neighborhood of Gilo will remain a part of the State of Israel.”

Posted on April 23, 2014 .