Nazi seizure of stores garners Jewish family $68 million judgment

A Jewish family, whose chain of stores in Saxony, Germany (pictured on map) was seized by the Nazis, will get millions in compensation from the German government. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( A court in Berlin ordered Germany to compensate the descendants of the Jewish owners of a department store chain that was seized by Nazis with an additional 50 million euros ($68 million), The Associated Press reported.

Nazis seized the Schocken family’s chain of stores in the Saxony region in the 1930s. The descendants, who reside in Israel and the U.S., were already paid 15 million euros for one of the seized buildings in the 1990s. 

One of the buildings owned by the Shockens, built in the city of Chemnitz by architect Erich Mendelsohn in 1930, now houses the German State Museum of Archaeology.

Posted on June 12, 2014 .