Israel testing new tunnel detection system

( Senior Israeli officers are reporting that a sensor system is being developed that would be able to identify new tunnels being dug by Hamas into Israel from Gaza. 

Israel is developing a sensor system to detect tunnels dug by Hamas terrorists into Israel from Gaza. Credit: IDF via Wikimedia Commons.

A senior officer told Yedioth Achronoth that the system, which could cost up to two billion NIS ($576 million), works via sensors that detect underground excavation and areas. The system was already successfully tested in Tel Aviv-area sewage tunnels. When fully operational, the system could be deployed all along the Israel-Gaza border. 

Meanwhile, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Command Maj, Gen. Yair Golan said that while the threat of tunnels built by Hamas on the Gaza border continues, “the general stressed that at the moment there are no known [Hezbollah] attack tunnels coming from Lebanon.”

Posted on August 11, 2014 .