Israeli Arab MKs visit Hamas-funding Qatar

Arab Israeli MK Hanin Zoabi. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( A group of three Arab members of Knesset from the Balad party—Jamal Zahalka, Hanin Zoabi, and Basel Ghattas—visited Qatar last week and met with former Balad MK Azmi Bishara, who fled Israel in 2007 after being accused of providing intelligence to Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War.

Qatar is a key financial and political supporter of Hamas. During their trip to the country, the MKs were interviewed on Al-Jazeera. According to Ghattas, the MKs “did not hide their harsh criticism of the conduct of the [Israeli] government.”

In response to the trip, Yesh Atid MK Yifat Kariv called on Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein to investigate the relationship between Balad, Qatar, and Bishara.

“Qatar has three Knesset seats for terrorism,” Kariv said, according to Israel Hayom.

Posted on August 18, 2014 .