Hamas targets Israeli offshore gas rig with rockets

The logo of Delek, the Israeli gas firm that co-owns an offshore gas rig targeted by Hamas. Credit: Delek.

(JNS.org) Hamas said it fired two rockets at an Israeli offshore gas rig, in the first such attempt by the Gaza terrorist group since Operation Protective Edge began.

The offshore gas platform called Noa is located approximately 19 miles off the Gaza coast and is owned by the U.S.-based gas company Noble Energy and the Israeli gas firm Delek. 

While the Noa platform is within range of Hamas rockets, the rockets largely lack any guidance systems and are highly inaccurate. The Israeli military said no rockets have struck the platforms. 

“The gas is flowing, business as usual,” a spokeswoman for Noble Energy said, Reuters reported. 

Israel’s eastern Mediterranean gas fields are some of the largest offshore gas finds of the past decade. Numerous international firms have invested heavily in extracting the gas, which Israel hopes to use to become a major energy power in the Middle East and achieve energy independence. In recent years, Israel has beefed up its naval forces to counter any threats to the platforms. 

Posted on August 20, 2014 .