Syrian mortar fire continues to spill into Israel

The Israel-Syria border's Quneitra crossing. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( Syrian mortar fire continued to spill into Israel on Wednesday, striking the Golan Heights and wounding a 52-year-old Israeli man. 

The latest incident in the Golan Heights comes as an Israeli soldier was wounded by a stray mortar shell from the fighting in Syria. The Israel Defense Forces responded with artillery fire at Syria. 

“There was errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria and an officer was moderately wounded in the Golan Heights,” an IDF spokesperson said, AFP reported. 

Fighting between the Syrian government and rebel forces at the United Nations-monitored Quneitra border crossing has increased over the past few days. According to reports, rebels from the al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group Al-Nusra Front have taken control of the border crossing. The Israeli government has warned local farmers to evacuate the area. 

Posted on August 27, 2014 .