Pakistan and UAE: Israel doesn’t have right to defend itself from Hamas

( In addresses to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, representatives from Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that Israel does not have the right to defend itself against the terrorism of Hamas.

The flag of the United Nations. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Pakistan on Monday gave an address on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, calling Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip “legally incorrect” and “morally abhorrent.” The UAE made the same argument, stating that Israel’s actions cannot be viewed as self-defense because the Jewish state controls the Gaza Strip.

In fact, Israel does not control the Gaza Strip, after unilaterally withdrawing from the area in 2005. Israel and Egypt do maintain a naval blockade on Gaza, but Israel allows humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza as long as the supplies are inspected to make sure that they will not be used for terrorism.

Posted on September 24, 2014 .