Israel intercepts Gaza-bound materials that could have been used for rockets

Qassam rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: IDF.

( Israel’s Shin Bet security agency revealed that it intercepted two tons of fiberglass material bound for Gaza that could have been used to manufacture long-range rockets. 

According to the Shin Bet, Israeli customs officials at the Nitzana border crossing became suspicious of the shipment, which was labeled by a Gaza-based importer as “clothes and materials,” and upon closer inspection discovered the rolls of fiberglass inside.

“Terror groups in the Gaza Strip are taking advantage of every means possible in their attempts to rebuild, even smuggling basic materials for the terror industry by hiding them in humanitarian equipment,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Earlier this year, customs officials also stopped a shipment of fiberglass at the Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel to Gaza that was marked as containing school equipment. 

There have been dozens of attempts to ship banned materials into Gaza this year, the Shin Bet said. Among the shipments seized have been diving suits, polyurethane rocket propellant, and carbon and sulfur rods for blast furnaces used in metal work.  

Posted on August 17, 2015 .