New all-female Yazidi brigade determined to avenge Islamic State atrocities

The "Sun Girls" all-female Yazidi brigade. Credit: YouTube.

( A renowned singer has recruited more than 100 Yazidi women for an all-female brigade in order to fight back against the Islamic State terror group, which has been committing systematic genocide against the Yazidi community. The fighters, aged 17-30, are currently in training to join Kurdish soldiers on the battlefront against Islamic State in Iraq.

Xate Shingali, 30, who has performed traditional Yazidi music throughout northern Iraq, received special permission from the Kurdish president to form the all-girls’ brigade, calling the group the “Sun Girls.” She formed the unit last month and has already recruited 123 women, all eager to take revenge on the Islamic State fighters that are decimating their people.

Since the jihadist group invaded and conquered the predominantly Yazidi region of Sinjar in northern Iraq last year, murdering 5,000 Yazidis and capturing hundreds of others, it has built a flourishing trade in abducted Yazidi women and girls, selling them as sex slaves to Islamic State fighters and wealthy sheiks. According to girls who have escaped or were ransomed by their families or other benefactors, the slaves might be raped up to 30 times a day, and they are sometimes sold over to several different buyers, enduring unimaginable cruelty and abuse in the process. Girls who refuse to have sex with their owners are often summarily killed.

Shingali and her brigade are determined to avenge their families and friends by fighting Islamic State on the front lines. Many of them have sisters or cousins who were forced into sex slavery, and they are filled with a righteous determination to fight the men who have violated their loved ones and shattered the lives of thousands of Yazidis across the region. Some are eager to fight alongside fathers and brothers who are already battling Islamic State. 

According to Daily Mail Online, Jane Fares, the unit’s youngest recruit at 17, escaped from Sinjar mountain when Islamic State laid siege to the entire region last year. 

“My father was so happy when I had told him I had joined. … We are happy to fight alongside the Peshmerga (Kurdish military forces). Before, I was scared, now I cannot be scared of them. Any second they tell us to fight ISIS (Islamic State) I am ready… I hope to kill them all,” she said.

Another recruit, Hadia Hassan, wants revenge for her father’s cousins, who are still trapped in Islamic State-controlled territory, and a female cousin who recently escaped the group’s adopted capital in Raqqa, Syria.

“What I have seen happen to all the girls makes me want to fight ISIS,” she said, adding that her 15-year-old sister also wanted to join the Sun Girls but is too young.

Posted on August 21, 2015 .