British doctors seek to remove Israeli group from World Medical Association

The Israeli Medical Association website. Credit: Screenshot.

( A group of 71 doctors in the United Kingdom are pressuring the World Medical Association to remove the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) from the global body's membership, an IMA representative said at the Israeli Knesset this week.

“The professional British journals have adopted the idea of letters to the editor that libel Israeli doctors,” Dr. Ze’ev Feldman, IMA’s chairman, said Jan. 20 during a Knesset Science and Technology Committee meeting, Israel National News reported. “They claim our doctors perform medical torture on Palestinian patients.”

Feldman later told the Jerusalem Post that “everyone must understand that there is an organized struggle—a fight against academia, doctors, and other Israeli bodies.”

“Our stance is that these accusations are lies, and we are engaged in a dialogue with the World Medical Association and we will bring forth the facts, and I hope that it will be enough to [persuade the association to] reject this request [to exclude the IMA],” he added.

Posted on January 21, 2016 .