Anti-Semitic attack on Jewish family reported in Amsterdam

The Facebook post that described an attack on a Jewish family in Amsterdam. Credit: Facebook.

( The home of a Jewish family in Amsterdam was reportedly vandalized by youths shouting “cancer Jews” and “free Palestine” during the New Year holiday.

The Dutch political blog Dagelijkse Standaard, reported the incident, which occurred on the night between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. The blog included a Facebook post by one of the victims.

“Last night, a few teens decided their celebrations are not complete without some hatred. While yelling ‘cancer Jews’ and ‘free Palestine,’ they kicked our doors and windows,” stated the post, which included a picture of the family’s damaged door.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with the incident. According to Reformatorisch Dagblad, a Dutch Protestant newspaper, members of a Dutch parliamentary group—Groep Bontes/Van Klaveren—questioned the Dutch legislature about the anti-Semitic attack, asking if the government sees a connection between the “rapidly growing anti-Semitism in our society and the massive immigration from non-Western countries in recent decades.”

Posted on January 4, 2016 .