Jewish World newspaper backs Trump for president


( The Long Island Jewish World newspaper has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

In an editorial set to appear in its Nov. 4 issue, the newspaper is backing the Republican presidential nominee over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton due to “her consistently poor judgment as secretary of state and the Obamian threat she poses to Israel,” among other reasons.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Trump Tower in September. Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO.

“Trump has engaged in troubling behavior, to be sure, but he brings to the national scene the ability to reset the table – domestically, internationally, economically,” the newspaper states. “Hillary Clinton would bring with her a failed career characterized by corruption, greed and lies.”

The editorial continues, “Clinton has no business being near the White House because of an apparently systemic lack of integrity and, even more alarmingly, her apparent inability to determine where the ethical ‘line in the sand’ starts, much less when she has crossed it.”

The Long Island Jewish World group of newspapers, which also publishes the Manhattan Jewish Sentinel and the Westchester/Rockland Jewish Tribune, is an independently owned group of papers with no affiliation to any rabbinical denomination, political party, or philanthropic organizations. It was founded in 1942.

Last month, the New York Jewish Week, one of the largest Jewish newspapers in the U.S., backed Clinton for president in its first-ever political endorsement. 






Posted on November 2, 2016 .