Report: Brussels terrorists targeted Israelis, Americans, and Russians

An image from the Brussels airport bombing on March 22. Credit: YouTube screenshot.

( The terrorists responsible for the bombings at the Brussels airport and train station in March specifically targeted Israeli, Russian, and American passengers, according to a new report by the French television station BFM.

Mohamed Abrini—who has been dubbed the “man in the hat” after appearing on closed-circuit television at the airpot just prior to the attack, and was arrested last week—told interrogators that the selected targets were the "departure halls for flights to the United States, Russia, and Tel Aviv."

The terrorists were only able to detonate the bombs near the check-in counters for those flights, but more than 30 people were still killed. In the wake of the attacks, the European Union (EU) parliament has passed a law requiring all EU countries to share passenger information for flights coming in an out of Europe, which will allow for tracking EU citizens traveling back to Europe from Islamic State-controlled areas in the Middle East. At least 5,000 EU citizens have already entered Syria to join Islamic State.

Posted on April 15, 2016 .