Pro-Israel African Christian delegation expresses solidarity in Jerusalem


( A delegation of African Christian leaders on Wednesday presented an award to Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel, in Jerusalem on behalf of millions of Christian Africans who support Israel.

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky with African Christian leaders, July 27, 2016. Credit: Avi Mayer for The Jewish Agency for Israel.

“As Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said, Israel is returning to Africa and Africa is returning to Israel . . . We want you to know that there are millions of people in Africa who love, support, and pray for Israel,” said South African Pastor Linda Gobodo, founder of the Vuka Africa Foundation.

Gobodo said they held the largest pro-Israel rally ever in Africa during the conflict between Israel and Hamas in 2014.

Nigerian Pastor Olusegun Olanipekun, who is also the founder of the Institute for Christian Leadership Development, said he believes Africa's future depends on their ties to Israel.

"We have a great deal to learn from the Israeli people and we believe that he have a great deal to offer in return. We look forward to returning to Israel with dozens of leaders from across Africa for the third Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem in 2017," said Olanipekun.

Sharansky spoke to the delegation about his historic meeting with fellow political dissident, Nelson Mandela in 1990. He also mentioned the work The Jewish Agency does in Africa including Project TEN that sends young Jewish volunteers to serve in developing areas.

"That you, as spiritual leaders in Africa, have come to Jerusalem with an offering of peace is deeply moving. We need to pay more attention to the inspiring voices coming from Africa,” said Sharanksy.

Posted on July 27, 2016 .