IDF testing augmented reality technology

The Microsoft HoloLens. Credit: Microsoft Sweden via Wikimedia Commons


( The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is testing the Microsoft HoloLens technology, a smart glass handset that works as a wireless computer, after two units of the device were delivered to the IDF's telecommunications and information technology unit.

The HoloLens is an Augmented Reality (AR) device, which the IDF wants to use for training and for conceptualizing enemy territory using holographic images.

"We understand that in the fast world in which we live, with an emphasis on the technology aspect, the only constant is the element of change. If we fight the next war like we fought the previous one, if we use the same technology that was right for that war, then it likely won't be easy for us to win," Maj. Rotem Bashi, chief programmer at the IDF's telecommunications and information technology unit, told Israel's Channel 10.

Posted on August 2, 2016 .