IDF: Hundreds of thousands of enemy missiles trained on Israel


(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The next war could see as many as 1,500 rockets and missiles fired at Israel daily, military officials warned Thursday.

This ominous reference scenario is part of the IDF's war readiness plan, which also estimates Israel's enemies have as many as 230,000 missiles trained on its borders and home front.

Iron Dome intercepts a rocket from the Gaza Strip during Operation Pillar of Defense. Credit: Israel Defense Forces. 

The military does, however, believe that while a considerable amount of the potential fire would target central Israel, 95 percent of the projectiles used by terrorist groups would be short-range rockets, and that given Israel's advanced air defenses, only about 1% would actually hit residential areas.

Nevertheless, this reference scenario suggests Israeli civilian fatalities could reach 500 people.

To deal with this threat, the IDF Homefront Command has a detailed evacuation plan in place for all border-adjacent communities, or some 750,000 people.

The current alert time for most central Israel currently affords civilians 90 seconds to find shelter in case of rocket fire, but the Homefront Command plans to reduce it to one minute. The decision is based on new and more accurate mapping of the potential areas at risk, so in fact, fewer Israelis would have to find shelter at any given time.

Homefront Command threat mapping correctly divides Israel into several hundred areas, but the IDF plans to eventually map 3,000 alert areas nationwide.

Posted on September 16, 2016 .