Syria denies reports of Israeli strike on military base in latest border incident


( The Syrian Army rejected reports of an Israeli Air Force (IAF) strike in the area of southern Quneitra near the Israeli border Saturday.

A view of Quneitra, Syria. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

According to Arab media and Syrian opposition forces, explosions were heard Saturday night at a base belonging to the Syrian Army’s 90th brigade.

The explosions were initially attributed to the IAF, with Syrian media reporting sightings of Israeli planes in the Quneitra area and Sky News Arabic reporting that Israeli choppers were spotted in the area.

Syrian military sources later denied the reports through the Al-Miyadin network, a media outlet affiliated with the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah. No casualties were reported, and Israeli officials have not commented on the incident.

Saturday night’s events follow the IDF’s confirmation that it downed a Syrian drone violating Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights Thursday. Also Thursday, Syrian state media reported that Israel launched an airstrike near Damascus International Airport on an Iranian weapons cache destined for Hezbollah.

Posted on April 30, 2017 .