Jewish man commits purported ‘suicide by soldier’ after charging at Israeli troops


( A Jewish man was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers Tuesday, after he ran towards a female soldier with a knife at the Hizme checkpoint outside Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers stand guard in Hebron, March 12, 2017. Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90.

The 19-year-old man, from the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in Jerusalem, reportedly left a suicide note declaring he suffered from mental distress.

As the man charged at the soldiers brandishing a knife, the soldiers shouted at him to stop. When the assailant disregarded the soldiers’ warnings, a civilian security guard opened fire, killing him.

Several hours after the incident, a friend of the man who was shot submitted a suicide note to police, stating the 19-year-old had entrusted him with the note a few days earlier.

The note was addressed to the man’s mother, and contained an apology stating it would be his final communication, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. The letter also stated he could no longer lead a normal life in his distressed mental state and could not go on living. 

Amid an uptick in Palestinian terror attacks since the fall of 2015, six terrorists have reportedly suffered from mental illness and attempted to commit what is known as “suicide by soldier.” Tuesday’s incident is the first case of a Jewish assailant attempting to do so.

Posted on May 3, 2017 .