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Israelis who planned to vacation in Bulgaria change course to Greece after attack

Click photo to download. Caption: Rezovo, a village and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Tsarevo municipality in the Burgas Province. Credit: In the wake of the bombing of a tour bus full of Israelis in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, killing at least five Israelis and injuring more than 30, travel agencies are reporting the cancellation of other Israeli reservations for Bulgarian vacations.

“All the Israelis who bought a holiday package in Burgas, and were due to depart today, have cancelled their trips,” Gulliver Travel CEO Uri Alon told Globes last week. “Everyone has been offered an alternative package in Greece.”

Forty-nine thousand Israelis vacationed in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort town of Burgas during the months of July and August in 2011. The city’s beaches and casinos have been a major attraction for Israelis. Additionally, Burgas is a cheap destination, costing about $500 per person for three nights and four days in a double room at a five-star hotel, including airfare.

But despite the tragic incident, Israel Tourist & Travel Agents Association director Yossi Fattal does not believe that young Israelis will ultimately be deterred from vacationing in Bulgaria. “Israelis will return to Burgas, especially the young,” he said. “The younger the audience, the less sensitive it is to warnings, and Burgas is a destination for the young: the beach parties, the booze, cheap accommodations, and everything that the young look for.”

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