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New kosher sweeteners made from agave plant

Click photo to download. Caption: Vivente's new kosher agave nectar, vanilla flavor. Credit: Vivente. ( Two new kosher products that can be seen as healthy alternatives to sugar, corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners are making their debut this month.

The sweeteners—made with organic inulin extracted from the agave plant—will be featured in an exhibit from Sheil Foods at KosherFest, an international kosher food festival to be held in Secaucus, NJ from Nov. 13-14.

One product is the Vivente Zero Calorie Functional Organic Sweetener, and the other is the Vivente organic agave nectar. The nectar is available in nine flavors and is sweeter than sugar, making it fit to use for beverages such as coffee, tea or any other drinks, as well as waffles, pancakes, toast, yogurt and cereal, according to the products’ introductory press release.

Inulin is a natural dietary fiber thought to have probiotic effects, including helping with weight control, strengthening the immune system, improving digestion and strengthening bones. The new products contain zero calories and are suitable diabetics, the press release said.

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